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"Just a Thanks…
With your help one of my dreams has finally come true.  That was from when I first attended a dance weekend years ago and
decided I wanted to compete someday, just to say I did it.   I never thought of doing a ProAm back then.  Now I did it and the
icing on the cake is that I came in first place.  Thank you so much for everything!  It was a great experience all around thanks
to you.  
Mark Hemler

Dear June,
"We can't thank you enough for all that you taught us, especially Chiara and Billy, in your dance lessons.  Their first dance was
done right after they were introduced at the reception and we all (and I mean everyone!) loved it.  Chiara and Billy gave quite a
performance.  It was sweet and full of joy.  You were a great teacher!"  P.S. Chiara said that it was the wedding she had
always dream of!"  
Jim and Renee Deraco

I would like to thank you for all your help.  As you know, my roots were line dancing and country pattern dancing.  One day a
friend asked me to go to a dance across town.  I walked into the dance hall with the attitude that I knew how to dance.  When
the night was over I felt like a small fish in a big pond.  I realized that if I wanted to couple’s dance I would have to first learn to
lead, if I wanted someone to be able to follow me.  Like a fish out of water, I didn’t’ know what to do.

Then I saw you standing there across the dance hall.  In my eyes you had a fishing vest on with a fly pole in your hands.  I
realized I was looking at a Master Fly Fisher Woman.  So I did what any smart man would do.  I
SUCKED up my PRIDE and
walked across the dance hall and asked for HELP!!!!!  You invited me to a beginner west coast class at your studio.  I bit on
the bait and went to the class and before I knew it, I ran with the line and have been HOOKED ever since.  Although I never get
CHANCE 2 FISH, I always seem to get a CHANCE 2 DANCE. Johnny "Trout" Logan

"Gale and I are new to West Coast Swing and have found your teaching to be very enjoyable and fun.  We really enjoy learning
something where the instructor can provide the feed back necessary to be successful without it being tedious.  We want to
thank you for your patience and look forward to each week's lesson.  We can't wait for next week!"
Ken & Gale Bartosh

Dear Sugar,
"Your "love" and "passion" for dance shows through each time you put one of your student's on the dance floor and I feel very
blessed to be one of them.   You have taught me so much about dance and what it means to connect with others through your
dance.   I now dance to celebrate the joy of being and connecting with the joy of others being human.  Thank you so much for
the "Chance 2 Dance" and for connecting in this lifetime."  
Barbie  Owens

“Thanks-A-Swinging-Bunch!  I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking lessons from you each week over the
summer.  I’m sure you will see me during my breaks.  Thanks again.”  

Dear Sugar,
“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?  Dance of course!  Dancing has been an inspiration to me and a
life-changing experience.  With a dance teacher like you, there is only joy, pleasure, sore feet, laughs, spins, new dance
shoes, cool music and lots of fun in my future.  Thank you for helping me make it through Swing Fling!”  
Gretchen Genello

Hey June!  
"There aren’t enough words to tell you how much I appreciate your amazing ability to make dancers of all of us 2-left-footed
students. Dance is the cure for almost anything life hands us, so, thanks Doc, the only affliction I have now are two sore feet
(a left
AND right, by the way)."  Phyllis Randall

Hi Sugar,
You are a professional who doesn’t make you feel badly that you aren’t!  You are patient, supportive and funny—the perfect
teacher. Even without a partner, I feel comfortable at CHANCE 2 DANCE. I have fun, enjoy the atmosphere of enthusiasm, and
learn something each and every time!”  ~  
Fran Bartels

Dear June,
“Thank you so much for the patient lessons you give us.  We’ve enjoyed learning and improving our dance skills.  We feel very
lucky to have found you.”  
Sharon and Charles

Dear Sugar,
“I would never have guessed that John and I could have looked so wonderful on the dance floor.  Our first dance was
fabulous.  Everyone was shocked!  And you were right, as soon as the music started we weren’t nervous at all, just so happy
to be
really dancing for our first dance.  I know you would have been proud of us, especially because we were smiling all the
time.  Thank you a million times for all your help.  We want to come back and take more lessons as soon as we get settled.”
Beth and John


“Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed and appreciated taking lessons with you.  I have learned so much and would
not have thought it possible to actually feel comfortable on the dance floor.  I’m no longer that shy guy who is standing on the
sidelines wishing he had the guts to ask someone to dance.  You are a great teacher and I am going to miss working with
you.  When I come home to visit I will call you for some refresher lessons.”  

"George and I have been enjoying our Tuesday night class.  We truly look forward to it each week. You have been so patient,
and are a terrific instructor.  We always wished for a local place to dance and take lessons.  What a pleasant surprise to find
Chance 2 Dance only 10 minutes from our home."  
Elaine Miller

"Thank you for teaching me to dance.  I love life now, every time I go out I meet someone new."  

Dear Ms. Renner,
"Our first dance was beautiful, thanks to you for teaching us Nightclub.    Thank you for helping us to pick a dance style that
went with our song and something we could learn and be confident with by our wedding date. We really appreciated your
working around our busy wedding planning schedules and making our one hour a week so productive.  Chance 2 Dance
was a great choice for us!  
Don and Jen Garmer
Dancing ~  Putting movement to music to create an emotion!
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